Queen of Jeans EP

by Queen of Jeans

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released January 22, 2016

all songs written by queen of jeans -
miriam devora, matheson glass & nina scotto

special thanks to recording drummers:
michael cammarata & cameron glass (waffles & mad men)
produced by brian ziprin
mastered by mark trewella (full circle mastering)
album art by steven arnold



all rights reserved


Queen of Jeans Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

hey, we're queen of jeans from south philly :)

miri mattie nina + patrick

"like a 2016 revival of a 90s throwback to the 60s" - 1964kyle


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Track Name: Dance (Get Off Your Ass)
i don't know why I came here
i must have felt a sudden strength
i catch your eye, I look away
count on my hand our moment's length
were you surprised, how could you be
the crowd is waiting, especially me
i know it's foolish, it won't feel right
but if you'd take me out there tonight
maybe you'd know so, maybe you'd know so uh
get off you ass and make me dance slow

get off your ass and make me dance slow

everyone here knows you belong to the floor
several hundred girls dying praying, nearly more
everyone here knows you belong to the floor

are you unworldly, are you a god
why's it so hard to move this along
they walk right past you, want you to see
you take your time, your time with me
i was certain i'd be fine
could take the fall if you were kind
but you keep staring, my heart's not a game
ask me already, they're all in pain
but maybe you know so, maybe you know so uh
get off your ass and make me dance slow

get off your ass and make me dance slow

i was only here to dance my way into your weighted emotion
i was showing off so you could see how i could be so devoted
i'm not like the rest because i know how to confess and open my arms
here are my arms

everyone here knows
Track Name: Pup
baby come near, lay down you're here in my arms
to me you come alive when you take on more than you like
only push cause i want you to fight, don't need to know why

everything falls into its place, hold on, wait, anything may break
the only thing that doesn't feel trite is your pull it brings me inside
every space unbearably wide, don't need to know why

i think before i walked around with closed eyes
hid behind every wall, waited inside
now there are no reasons to run or disguise
how i am around you

(eyes are my eyes)
Track Name: Rollerdyke
i will not be hard, harder than you
can't unsee my long run into blue

when you fire your mouth
are you badly burnt
when you run to bed
where your baby's heart you spend

awake in a daydream
waiting for the time when we'll float
out from under our entire bottomed sea line

and you fire your mouth
are you badly burnt
when you run to bed
where your baby's heart is fleeting

tell me why
Track Name: Won't You
won't you tell if you care
i know it's not simple but if it's there
you could open up

is there anyone like you,
or is it wrong i don't want to hide

i just can't see
i know i'm out of line
you belong to her but here in my mind
i go away to a place where you could open up

is there anyone like you
or is it wrong i don't want to hide

is there anyone like you
Track Name: Moody
you're so moody i could fall in love
with your body's smell of cigarettes that sting my head and lungs
the purse of your lips as they break into a smile
can hit me in my spine, set my nerves so wild

and i fall so hard i could crack both knees
but wrapped up in yourself you wouldn't see anything
just that curl of smoke in front of your eyes
that i thank for hiding a rumble in my thighs

so this time it turned out right, cause you're finally all you like
before you must have hardly tried playing parts to pass the time
so in spite of when you act a kind of tale, so lovely so new
well i cannot imagine why i don't believe you

who knows where it's you go
washed out grayer shadows
where you're meant to stand, meant to build
use those legs but ones you steal
you're a dope, can't even lie
come from under, give it height
write it over a million times disappointed
so disappointed, i'm disappointed

you are me and i
Track Name: Waffles & Mad Men
there was a time
you ought to know
the odds to be my love were low
you're much too cool
you're far beyond
imagine how my heart you'd have spun

i wouldn't try, i wasn't sure my heart could survive
i wouldn't try, i let you walk by that night

i'll always try, to close the door with you on the riight side
i'll always try, will you lay with me tonight

say you'll swing by
your friends, they won't mind
i could call up, i'd rather you read my mind
oh give me hope, i'm trying

will you stay, will you stay long
winter sun to summer's one
will you stay, will you stay long
and will you say, you will stay
on and on